We are proud to offer our expertise to private individuals

Our team of specialists have advised on all visa pathways set out under the Immigration Rules. In the event you might not be eligible under one particular route, our experts will quickly identify whether an alternative immigration category can apply

Newfields has the expertise to manage the entire spectrum of the Immigration Rules in a solutions-based approach – we can offer more than limited visa routes if eligibility fails. Our expertise and vantage point of the entire immigration process, and our work in other sectors, means we can quickly identify and present an alternative solution in the event eligibility is problematic.

We appreciate the complexity of the Immigration Rules and the volume of caseworker guidance can be difficult to navigate. For this reason, we always offer an initial 15-minute telephone consultation free-of-charge to help identify the assistance you need. Our team of experts will be able to advise you on the best way forward and will always ensure that your goals and best interests are taken into account.

We pride ourselves on offering a quality and transparent service. We do not believe in hidden costs or hourly rates. We work solely on a fixed fee basis.

We offer a three tiered approach:

Written advice beyond your initial 15 minutes consultation

If your matter is particularly complex, or if you want to be provided with a detailed breakdown of our advice and merits of your matter before deciding whether or not to go ahead, we are happy to provide an advice letter for a fee of £250 plus VAT.

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Our Checking Service

If you feel confident in making an application yourself but would just like a little reassurance before submitting, we offer a checking service. It involves a two-step process that includes:

  • advising you on your eligibility for your application; the steps you need to take to prepare your application, including any supporting documents you should collate; key dates and the application fees. We will provide you with the appropriate application link enabling you to complete the correct application yourself; and
  • reviewing your draft application form (which you will have completed) and your supporting documents, and for initial advice following that review.

Our fee for this service is £700 +VAT.

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Our Complete Service

This service is for those looking to hand over the entirety of the work to our team of experienced professionals, including the following:

  • Being named as your legal representatives on your matter (this is not possible with our Checking Service)
  • Drafting your application
  • Preparing any supporting document templates tailored to your application
  • Reviewing and advising you in relation to your ‘final version’ supporting documents
  • Submitting the application on your behalf
  • Supporting your application with legal representations
  • Booking your biometric appointment
  • Uploading all supporting documents to the Home Office on your behalf ahead of your biometric appointment
  • Responding to any queries raised by the Home Office throughout your matter, on your behalf
  • Providing a secure address to which the Home Office can send any correspondence and documentation, including any mail, Biometric Residence Permit, etc. in respect of your application (which we shall send onto you by secure delivery)
  • Advising you of any matters arising from the decision of your application, including any challenge and/or the steps you can take towards any future application.

This service ranges from £1,250 – £3,000 plus VAT depending on the complexity of your matter. However, we will always agree in advance a final figure before undertaking any work for you.

Home / On-site Visits

We understand that some of our clients lead very busy lives but that they still want a personal connection with the law firm handling their visa application. We can arrange home/on-site visits during which we would aim to complete any application, take copies of any documentary evidence required, and provide any advice or assistance you may need.  This service involves a more rapid resolution of your matter.

For an additional one-off professional fee of £1,750 plus VAT we would be happy to attend your home or place of work, wherever it be in the UK and regardless of the number of family member dependants. We will pay the first £100 towards the cost of travelling to you and back, and any balance will be charged to you (the costs will be confirmed in advance).

Challenging the Home Office

We understand that applications are not always successful and that sometimes the Home Office will make an incorrect decision. We have specialist experience with identifying where the mistakes are made and steps can be taken to resolve the issue, including challenging outcomes through appeal, administrative review, and Judicial Review.

In many cases, we secure a successful outcome by issuing a letter of intent to litigate against the Home Office. Often referred to as a ‘Pre-Action Protocol Letter’, or ‘PAP’ for short, these legal representations highlight the issues in the Home Office’s decision (or lack of decision) and demands action within 14 days.

We have a proven track record of resolving the following issues after issuing the Home Office with a ‘PAP’:

  • Delays in deciding applications
  • Delays in providing BRPs after successful applications
  • Instances where the Home Office is taking more than 5 working days in making a decision after paying for priority service
  • Refusing applications incorrectly
  • Issuing the incorrect visa or visa length
  • Refusing admission at the border or detaining clients.

Our standard fee for a PAP is £395 plus VAT and this includes a discussion of your matter, a review of the relevant documents, submission of the challenge to the Home Office, and advice following the response. As certain issues are complex, this fee may be revised following an initial discussion. We will always agree a fee with you in advance before any work is undertaken.

We are happy to discuss the options available to you including the merits of any challenge if you or a family member has received a negative immigration decision that you wish to challenge. We will always offer a practical solution to your problems and be clear with the prospects of a successful outcome.

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