The information on this page outlines our typical professional fees categorised by application, complete with information about the service you can expect to receive from us. These costs are estimates and are subject to VAT at 20% (unless a VAT exemption applies). They do not include Home Office fees which can be found here.

We would be delighted to provide you with a written fee quote specific to your circumstances, and which clearly sets out the overall cost covering both our own professional fees and all disbursements associated with your immigration need.

Our costs

What is included in our fee?


Initial Consultation

  • 15 minute appointment

Checking Service

  • Review of completed application form and any supporting evidence

Comprehensive Legal Service

  • Being named as your legal representatives on your matter (this is not possible with our Checking Service)
  • Drafting your application
  • Preparing any supporting document templates tailored to your application
  • Reviewing and advising you in relation to your ‘final version’ supporting documents
  • Submitting the application on your behalf
  • Supporting your application with legal representations
  • Booking your biometric appointment
  • Uploading all supporting documents to the Home Office on your behalf ahead of your biometric appointment
  • Responding to any queries raised by the Home Office throughout your matter, on your behalf
  • Providing a secure address to which the Home Office can send any correspondence and documentation, including any mail, Biometric Residence Permit, etc. in respect of your application (which we shall send onto you by secure delivery)
  • Advising you of any matters arising from the decision of your application, including any challenge and/or the steps you can take towards any future application.

Our Fee Ranges

At the outset of every matter, we provide each client with a bespoke professional fee quote based on our understanding of the complexity of the matter and likely timescales. The fee quote sets out our fees, the associated Home Office fees and details of any other required expenses.

When is a case likely to be at the lower end of the Fee Scale?

Applications which are deemed by us to be straightforward, non-complex cases will attract a fee at the lower end of the fee scale.

When is a case likely to be at the higher end of the Fee Scale?

Applications may be more complex or time consuming for the following reasons:

  • If you have a complicated immigration or criminal history which includes having a previous UK visa refusal.
  • If you have overstayed an existing visa in the UK The nature of the evidence you have provided for the application and the amount of evidence we need to consider.
  • If you change your mind about the application you wish to submit after work has already commenced.
  • If we advise you that you need to obtain further evidence for the application.
  • There is a significant change in the law or the required application process after our work has commenced and, as a result, work needs to be repeated or significantly more work is required than originally anticipated.
  • If your case is legally and/or factually complex and/or you do not meet the legal requirements.
  • If expert evidence is required.

Who will conduct the work?

The work on your application will be conducted by one of our specialist lawyers. Details of their qualifications and experience can be found here.

Key stages of the application process and likely timescales

We will do our best to submit your application as soon as reasonably practicable after we have obtained your full instructions, and subject to you providing all the necessary supporting evidence and information required for the application. Depending on your circumstances and the nature of your application, we can typically submit an application within 1-3 weeks of you responding to our advice. Should we anticipate it taking longer than this estimate, we will notify you accordingly and agree an updated timescale with you.

Precise timescales for each stage of your application process will be dependent upon the specific facts and circumstances of your case. Examples of issues which may impact the timescales are as follows;

  • The required supporting documents
  • The number of supporting documents
  • Documents requiring translation

As soon as your application has been submitted, we will communicate with the Home Office if any further clarification information or documents are required.

Applications are decided by the Home Office. We cannot guarantee how long it will take to process your application but a guide is provided here.

Once your application is approved by the Home Office, we will facilitate the return of any supporting documents and your status documentation within one week of our receiving them.


Disbursements are expenses which are not included in our fees. The likely disbursements that you will incur in addition to our fees are as follows;

  • Home Office fees which can be found here
  • Service charges made by the Home Office’s commercial partners at overseas Visa Application Centres
  • Service charges made by the Home Office’s commercial partner Sopra Steria, which can be accessed here
  • The fees payable for obtaining documentation from ECCTIS to confirm the academic level of overseas qualifications and verification of whether qualifications were taught or researched in English – these charges are outlined on the ECCTIS website
  • Courier and postal costs to ensure the safe delivery of your documentation. The destination and speed of delivery will govern the cost
  • Fees to have documentation translated. The volume and language of any translations will dictate the cost. We will provide you with a quote for any translations if required.


If your usual place of residence is the UK, you are likely to be required to pay VAT. This means that 20% will be added to our fees set out above and possibly to any required expenses/disbursements, where required. If you are not normally resident in the UK, you are unlikely to have to pay VAT.

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